Iapetus, '81

It is the summer of 1981, at a struggling horseracing stable in the Curragh heartlands by real occurrences, peopled by imaged characters, the work hinges on two major betting coups, one of which provokes the on-course bookies to strike. Such is their fury that the RUC riot squad ferom the Maze prison is dispatched to quell the disturbance. It’s the only occasion in horseracing’s long and chequered history that bookies/turf accountants went on strike. The ‘stroke’ made national and international news.

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Sisters of Saint Brigid’s Acres…Brigid, 1500

Saint Brigid 1500 – to celebrate the occasion, Owl Fella’s Press is delighted to announce the twin publication of the Kindle versions of Rosanna Nightwalker, the play, and the novel The Only Glow of the Day – both tales relate the tragic fate of the Nightwalkers (Sisters of the Plains). The patron of children born into abusive unions…Brigid symbolises the dynamism of female energy in the early years of pagan and Christian beliefs and rituals. The Irish Times writes “…Malone skilfully re-creates the reality of the women’s lives; the atmosphere is bleak. This is a sad story accompanied by endless rain and disease. The language is beautiful: Malone is gifted at fashioning imagery, and the prose in this book zings…” Both works are available to download.

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