Owl Fellas’ Press, tentatively established in 2021, to address the disparities in a world of literature focused with mounting intensity on the young, of whom many are female authors and editors. As a woman this is heartening to witness and is enriching for society in terms of the revealed generational aspects of life. Explored vividly, in-depth, with flair, intelligence, and diverse skillsets.

            But. Old does not mean dead. Ageing does not mean death. No one is guaranteed his next breath, and yet one would think that with the dearth of ageing males – say above the age of 60 – involved on judging panels, arts council award recipients, accepted for publication et al, that male writers of 60 plus must have already crossed the Bridge of Breath. 

            Of course mature writers lose their audience, and their target reach fades. But is their creative eye any less potent? They are living in the moment of our generation. So note and feel the emergence of inequality and survey the mountain stream in its full flow to the lake.

             At Owl Fellas Press we ask for a small corner of the stable for male writers of a certain vintage, those with a publishing record and for other elders who need an outlet to express their literary creativity – an opportunity to engage with a latent talent. Which, for whatever life circumstance, they were unable to tap into during their younger years.

            This is a sounding out; a peer into the stable to see if a corner is available for writers not yet ready for pasture paradise.