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It’s cringing to see people protesting against refugee aid in this country. I understand the class and social divide is a driving factor in demonstrations, and that this is noteworthy because it’s telling that it should exist in a country where money is flush, but the hand that passes it on is clenched – these protests reflect the inadequate government approach toward homelessness and the housing situation, and the breach in the Constitution where not all citizens are treated equally – for starters…we’ve a private health system which should not be tenable in a society that professes equality. The pandemic afforded scope for a huge change of direction. We had a lottery for artists to acquire a span of wages for 3 years – fine – but really, without a means test? Finally, if those protesters saw or heard missiles flying or landing too close, the smell of shit would out stink that from a slaughterhouse in full operation…they should try to look at the big picture and not the corner of a used leaf of toilet roll. They should remember the Choctaw Indians, but mention of this probably makes them think it’s a chocolate bar of sorts.

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